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Oiled Bay Lace-up Shandals® in Sand Dune (fully-lined)

Oiled Bay

Oiled Bay Lace-up Shandals® in Sand Dune (fully-lined)


Oiled Bay Lace-up Shandals® in Sand Dune (fully-lined)


Oiled Bay lace-up Shandals in Sand Dune, fully-lined in a choice of either soft turquoise or orange velour suede lining. A comfortable pair of Shandals that, cared for, will last for a lifetime.

Half-lined (uppers):
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• Blank/Copper eyelets
• Double-oiled leather which has a slightly weathered look
• Sculpted arch - for arch support without the need for arch supports or orthotics.
• Double outsole stitched for extra durability
• Broad toe-box with toe-post to realign your toes
• Built to Last – fully replaceable soles
• Soft cotton British-made laces
• Full leather inner sole - so your unique footprint embeds into the sole
• Tyre-tread sole

Upper/inner: Soft full-grain leather and suede
Outsole: Rubber (fully replaceable when it wears down)
Other soling options are available on request.

Lace-up Shandals® are by far the most supportive of all our designs since they guide the big toe straight, which naturally lifts and supports the arch without the need for an orthotic. If you have a bunion this is definitely the design to go for. With a bunion, your arch tends to collapse and pronate inwards so the lace-up design is invaluable in supporting your arch.
They are also worn by people all over the world as a comfortable and supportive shoe.

These Shandals® are an off-the-shelf version. If you have two different sized feet, if you want orthotics built-in, or if you require any other adjustments, we recommend buying bespoke.

We make all our Shandals® by hand from our workshop in Machynlleth, Wales, UK.
Please note: If we don't have your size in stock, the lead time is approximately 3 weeks from your order being confirmed.

All of our Shandals® are designed to last and be repaired so as long as you look after the uppers the soles can be sent back to be replaced for many years to come.